We offer both preventive maintenance and service to minimize the risk of downtime at your clinic.
Our goal is to prevent errors as far as possible before they occur and to extend the life of the system.

Service agreement

Millennium Medical has a service department with specialist trained technicians. Through our close collaboration with our suppliers, we also have access to the manufacturer's collective expertise as a backup.

Warranty service

Warranty service is always performed shortly before the warranty period expires (1-2 years after purchase) to ensure that the system meets technical specifications and functions optimally.
The warranty does not cover consumables and wear parts.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the most common level of maintenance and is carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications, usually once a year. Through preventive maintenance, the function and safety of the system is ensured, which thus reduces the risk of operational disruptions. Preventive maintenance is a minimum requirement for customers who are ISO certified.

Full service agreement

Full service contracts can be signed from the end of the warranty period and five years onwards. This includes service and spare parts, but not wear parts and consumables. This is a form of agreement that is increasing more and more, when you want a fixed cost for your equipment and want to avoid unwanted expenses.

Service organization

We currently have two specialist trained service technicians and a service coordinator who handles service in Sweden and Denmark. Travel cost calculations are based on Malmö.

Specially trained technicians

We have specialist trained technicians on every type of equipment that we sell in order to, with a high level of competence, be able to quickly and efficiently remedy any problems. 

Spare parts

We use certified suppliers and through our distribution network can deliver spare parts at very short notice.

Service notification

For service notification contact:

Johanna Wendel

Service Coordinator
Monday - Friday | 09.00 - 15.00
+46 (0)70 090 35 67

Other hours: +46 (0)72 309 38 93
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