Plasma Pen

What is Plasma IQ?

Plasma IQ is a revolutionary device that has become popular for its unique treatment method, which can, among other things, perform an eyelid lift without surgery. The machine uses a plasma light equipment that, with the help of spark beams, creates a contraction of the skin and eliminates excess skin.

It tightens and lifts the skin with immediate results. This is currently the only treatment method on the market that can successfully reduce excess skin. With an amperage of 1400V(!) the Plasma IQ with its unique technology is one of the most powerful Plasma pens available in the world today!

Plasma IQ can also be used for the removal of fibroids, warts, skin tags and various other skin changes.

Plasma Pen training

Our training is a full day from 10:00-18:00 and includes a full theoretical and practical review, with live practice on models under the supervision of our trainer.

Where do we train?

We have training facilities in Helsingborg, Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The possibility of private training directly in your premises is available on special occasions.

Want to know more about the Plasma Pen?

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The ultimate device for your clinic

Note: Plasma IQ is CE marked as MEDICAL DEVICE class II B.

Main functions

Treatment area

The healing process

Immediately after treatment, small brownish dots are clearly visible, some redness and swelling may occur. On the second day, the swelling increases slightly. On the third day, the swelling is basically gone and the treated area is dry and the dots are clear. On the 5-7th day, the skin is fine again with a slight redness. The skin may feel sore for 1-3 weeks.

Benefits for doctors & clinicians

Does not require anesthesia; safe for patients with pacemakers – Simple and maximum comfort of use – Low purchase cost – Works wirelessly – Pocket size – Fast return on capital

Benefits for the patient

Non-invasive – Recommended for patients who do not wish to undergo surgery. - The plasma jet only works on the epidermis, without damaging the surrounding tissue - Gives immediate results. - Results and improvements are visible immediately after the first treatment. - The patient does not have to resign from everyday activities.

Naturally in technical devices

Plasma is the most common state of visible matter in the universe. On Earth, plasma is found naturally in technical devices such as fluorescent tubes and plasma screens, but also in flames and what we see as lightning when electrons and protons collide. Artificial plasma can be created using alternating current and direct current. When the needle-shaped nozzle is brought close to the skin, a spark beam is formed that stimulates and affects the skin with 4 different tissue reactions. Source: Wikipedia