Jet Treatments

Introducing JetPeel

Jetpeel offers eleven different treatments in one. The Jetpeel system uses specially designed handpieces to create a high-pressure air with microdroplets of liquid (salt solution, various vitamin cocktails) and gas (air, carbon dioxide or oxygen). This jet stream accelerates the speed of the droplets up to 200 m/s. This powerful yet gentle jet stream can be used for needle-free hair loss restoration, treatment of scars and stretch marks, cellulite reduction, injection of anesthetics (including Lidocaine), body sculpting, needle-free and painless Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments and of course really deep facial treatments and peelings.

Jetpeel is ideal for all skin types

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Treatments with Jetpeel

Here you can see more of what Jetpeel offers. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Dark circles under the eyes

JetPeel improves dark circles and discoloration under the eyes. With its powerful radiation of saline and medical gases, such as oxygen or CO2, lymphatic drainage and cell oxidation are promoted.

Needle-free PRP

PRP is a proven treatment method that promotes skin rejuvenation from the inside out. Jetpeel enables the infusion of PRP serum without making holes in the skin.


JetPeel is a needle-free alternative to botulism toxin treatments for hyperhidrosis. Xeomin, Germany's leading wrinkle reducer, is infused into the skin for a painless treatment.

Anesthesia before treatment

Reduce the long waiting times of topical anesthetic creams with JetPeel's ability to infiltrate Lidocaine deep into the skin.

Before IPL and radiofrequency treatment

Use JetPeel to exfoliate and hydrate the skin before our treatments to enhance results. Exfoliated, smooth skin prevents scattering of optical energy, and moisturized skin conducts radio frequency energy more efficiently.

Treatment for hair loss

Use Jetpeel technology to deliver Minoxidil, PRP, peptides and other hair and scalp nutrients to prevent hair loss and activate 'dormant' hair follicles

Reduction of blackheads and milia

Reduce pores, improve skin structure, reduce sebum secretion with the JetPeel technology and its patented handpieces and solutions.

Wound healing

JetPeel delivers vitamins and peptides after fractional laser treatments that promote healing and improve treatment results.