Jet Technology​

Transdermal Infusion

Jetpeel is a patented multi-step face and body treatment system that combines the benefits of a natural hydrodermabrasion and chemical peel.

It is a gentle way to perform skin boosters, mesotherapy, acne treatments and various solutions and vitamin cocktails that, among other things, contain anti-aging plant stem cells, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Jetpeel's technology can offer truly in-depth treatments and can channel solutions up to 4 mm deep under the skin.

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More about Jet Technology​

Contactless handpieces

JET-skin and Body-Rejuvanation took its name from the heart of all JET treatments – the Jetpeel Dermal Infusion System. Developed by a Russian scientist.

Its patented, non-contact handpieces combine air and liquid to form a jet stream of microdroplets that deliver bioactive nutrients to the skin via subsonic pressure.

What makes Jetpeel's technology so unique?

What makes Jetpeel's technology so unique? It combines oxygen with a liquid such as water, anesthetic or vitamin cocktails to create a jet stream of microdroplets. These microdroplets reach a speed of 200 m/s. This powerful yet gentle jet stream can be used to exfoliate the surface of the skin without causing irritation. Jetpeel can reach as deep as 4mm – as proven by the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Patented nozzles

Three different nozzles for three different purposes.

Jet stream

The current from Jetpeel has a speed of 200 m/second.


Solutions reaches 4 mm into the skin.