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The new complete series of special, ready-to-use water-based solutions, solutions that improve treatment and offer your clients great results.


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More about Jet Solutions

Anti-Aging Complex 1 Hyaluronic acids

Anti-aging complex 1 is the basis for the majority of Bio-Rejuvenation treatments, it can be used during all treatments in an anti-aging protocol or alternately.

Anti-Aging Complex 2 Vegetable stem cells and peptides

Anti-aging Complex 2 stimulates cell renewal in the skin.

Anti-Aging Complex 3 Ton

To achieve the best effect of tightening with deep hydration. It is a product of choice for the body, hands, neck and chest.

Anti-Aging Complex 4 Redness & Sensitive Skin

Newly developed Anti-aging complex 4 is recommended to treat very sensitive skin, especially redness. Thanks to the unique, effective ingredients in this formula, it comes with strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Skin Renewal Complex 3 Glycolic Acid 5%

The new formula of 5% glycolic acid, combined with soothing and repairing ingredients is developed for light to medium exfoliation. It is especially recommended for use on sensitive and thin skin.

JET DETOX WATER Soothing & Cleansing

With the new multi-functional Jet Detox Water, the therapist performs a deeply detoxifying lymphatic drainage before peeling and application.

Whitening Complex 1

Containing innovative and very strong whitening ingredients and by being a color pigment inhibitor, the application of WHITENING KOMPLEX 1 with Jet Technology immediately gives the desired effect for a brighter more uniform skin tone which improves after each treatment.

Hyaluronic acid

As the leader of glycolsaminoglycan in the skin, hyaluronic acid works to keep every aspect of the skin stable, protected and constantly renewed.

Vitamin C

T4J Vitamin C supply is highly recommended after exfoliation with glycolic acid to brighten skin, hyperpigmentation, sun & age spots.

Vitamin B5

T4J Vitamin B5 is recommended in anti-aging treatments when a firming effect is needed. 

Vitamin A+E

T4J Vitamin A+E is a multifunctional anti-aging serum that helps stimulate cell renewal and collagen production.


Jetop is the state-of-the-art method to treat the scalp in a painless and pleasant way and achieve a marked reduction in the rate of hair loss.


With a unique, single nozzle, this handheld device is the world's first non-invasive transdermal delivery of solutions and effective anti-wrinkle treatments.


Single, large output handheld device, designed primarily for body treatments and for high molecular weight products shall be supplied.


The newly developed handpiece with 3 nozzles allows the addition and mixing of two 4 ml containers during the same treatment.


A special handheld device designed for convenient delivery of the 4 ml disposable containers.